Saturday, June 14, 2014

Time is monehh!

Loving my new hoodie from she inside!
It has 2 layers, the tray one is a sleeveless hoodie for the inner, and for the outer is denim look a like jacket, with a pocket, and definetely luv the hem detail!
Look at the edge!!
Love this kinda street wear!

heart temporary tattoo - lolitattoo
blue hooded long sleeve drawstring denim outerwear - she inside
rope neckale - gaudi
asteryx boots - topshop
jeremy scott figure frame - jeremy scott x swatch
storm easy pant - modify


Plastic Kids「プラスチックキッド」

I know it was late, but @gadutism made this for his project, 


Dont forget to subscribe him ;))

Pics taken by Sugi Hermawan