Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mermaid Shell

H&M shell crop tee
anonymous long mesh white outer, debenhams
jadebag aqua blue satchel bag
claire's bindi
new look jelly shoes

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pink Jelly Bean

Today is the day, Lenovo S850 media launch at Empirica, SCBD.
Me and the other bloggers have a lunch time before they began the launch.
And you know what, do u guys remember about style, snap share competition??
And ..  im the 1st winner of this competition!!
Im so so glad, thanks so much for Lenovo and GoGirl who invite me for this event and competition.

Im ready to wear x Intan Fitrianti jelly bean kimono - loubelle shop
diva feather headpiece
jeffrey campbell coltrane fuchsia

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fancy Egyptian

Hi, today im going to the market museum with ma fellas.
Anyway just got ma new hair! What do you think ?
Yuta put some colors like blue, pink, purple combination on one head!
Ohgosh just luv it !

Yea we're both wearing modify which is models jacket on Valerie, and quilted skirt on me! 
And I swear we didn't planning to wear those modify together!

And these hamsa tattoos from
Match with Nicko's tee !

headpiece - crownyou id hamsa tattoos
forever 21 super rich tee | gold creeper
H&M zambia bomber
moDify zipper quilted skirt

line: jeniferwil
whatsapp: +628 9659128206
instagram: @crownyou_id


Friday, August 15, 2014

Lenovo S850

Hi, have you guys heard about the newest product of Lenovo ?
Yes just got it and im totaly in love with my new pink Lenovo S850 !!!!
What a very stylish phone available in 3 colours which are white, dark blue, and pink (my favorite, and its limited edition).
This phone match me so so well ~

Since I have this Lenovo S850, I do a lot of selfies, how can I ignore this 13mp rear cam with flash, and 5mp for the front camera ???
Holy gosh, the result is just, soooo nice!
Here I show you my selfie made by Lenovo S850 front cam:

(without any filter)

Stay in style with Lenovo S850.
Style, snap, and share.
Thats the motto of this newest dope product by Lenovo.

Im joining, S850 mix and match competition, wish me luck! ;D

So, what are you waiting for ??
This lenovo S850 would be available soon in Indonesia!
Wait for the launch on August, 22th 2014 !!!

Lenovo Mobile Indonesia
Twitter: @lenovomobileid
Instagram: @LenovoMobileID