Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Sweetest Things

Hi, happy Sunday everyone!
Whatcha doin today? Have u ever go for a picnic ??
Hehehe, cuz today I went to Kebun Raya Cibodas for a picnic with my closest friends and boyfriend.
I had sooooo much fun today!

Gaby Seliana and me.
She's my friend from 5th grade of primary school. 

Leather boots from Hyperion by Yuriestax.
The colour is actually dark pink.
But not really sure this could be brown or red also....

By the way this is our 9th monthsarry.
So happy that I can spent my whole day with you dear boyfriend! 

After the picnic was over, we played paintball.
And this is the first time I tried to played it!
It was rad, I got shot right on ma face!!

Full team:
Charles - Nicko - me - Grace - Anton - Ricky

me on action! ;D

topshop tanktop
bag - belongs to my sister
hyperion pink nubuck longwing boots

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bunny Boo

Guess what ?
Just got this super cute bunny costume from vavavoom!
I wear the bunny set, and this feels so comfy!
The bodysuit was made of spandex so it stretches.
And the white fur makes it looks more cute!
And it has a little bunny tail on the back as well.

The bunny set is including the bunny ears, hand accessories, and also pink bow for the neck accessories (im not wearing it). Good deal, this set is on sale so grab em will ya ?

oh well, u really need to check 

they also have store at : Mangga Dua Jakarta, Indonesia
+62 21 99130188
blackberry pin : 328D25BD

cause they have so many choices of lingeries and nice costumes.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trippy Kitty

Welcome to ma trippy kitty cat look of the day!
Hahahahaa today im wearing hoodie with a trippy cat print, also legging with cats pattern, and yesah fur fanny to complete my trippy kitty look.
You know why i dressed up like this? Today me and my bf went to Cat Cabin Kemang.
Where I can find a place to chill with cats!
Look look, scroll down please ~

This snapback is a special bday gift from my sister.
What makes it special ??
Becauuuuse, she made it by herself!
I mean those shiny mosaic look alike from old cds. How cool is that ??
Thanks a lot sits, this is the coolest snapback i've ever had.

For this one, look at that, the fur, the pink colour, 
The zip is foiled with holographic film to match the material. (Sorry cant show u the zip detail)
The backside is also made of Holo film material so it wont be too warm and no fur will stick to my clothes. Crazy item ! <3 nbsp="" p="">

His name is Joker. And he has sucha rounded face, lol.

DIY snapback - bday gift from my sister
OFGWKTA tron cat hoodie
yesah fur fanny
H&M cat legging
topshop asteryx boots

By the way, i want to share some information about flanel shirt.
I like to wear shirt when i go comfy yet stylish look.
Wear it with skinny jeans, and mini rucksack, that would be cool.
And you can find flanel shirt at ZALORA!

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Available for men and women.
And some of them are on sale also.
What r u waiting for ?? ;;D