Saturday, September 26, 2015

Moonlight color

Me and Nicko had an afternoon jam today.
So yeah, me and ny yellow pink kinda outfit for the moonlight bazaar.
Thanks for those who came today ;)
Was a great experience!

henny novita rainbow laces boots
neff the breyzher bucket hat in tie dye - karmaloop

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Officialy 21!

Yuhuuuu september 23rd!
Today is my birthday and now im officially 21 ! ��
Legal on club, legal to get drunk ������

So at 12am, my sister, my friend, and my bf made a surprise for me.
And my supa creative sister made this cutie DIY pink alien bday cake.
Isnt it so cute??

And this one is a digital pic of me, made by one of my girl, Tiffany, as a bday present.
Tiffany is the one who sits next to me on the photo below.

N then at nite, i made a little bday party at Carburator Spring.
With rocker n biker dress code.
U see that I'm wearing pink studded faux leather vest, n pink boots as well.

I had a great time with my girls, brother, sister, and boyfriend today.
Thanks guys for today, I love you ~
And thanks so much for u who sent me some bday greetings, love u all, mwax!

jeffrey campbell 8th street fuchsia boots - solestruck
I LOVE DIY studded pink faux leather biker vest
lunar cult clear choker

Saturday, September 12, 2015

She's a dreamer

alla moda kimono
miss selfridge crop tank
anytk butyk necklace
stile side mesh skirt
13th loafers

LINE: alla_moda
text | whatsapp: +628 3872928686
BBM: 2271D5F8

whatsapp: +628 778 9101109
LINE: @ufr2524o

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rainbow Sun

I bought these rainbow knitted stuffs in Bangkok.
So today i made this 'inspired by the rainbow' look.
I call it rainbow sun just because i par them with my yellow sunny top u see ;)

topshop arcade white shoes 
neon! sundaze bracelet
rainbow knitted hat n bag - jatujak weekend market, Bangkok
leaf skirt look a like shorts

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Keep smiling

Hi! Today is my colourful kinda day!
Just look at my stuffs i got so many colours on me ;D

Playin with my bantam even tho I'm not a pro.

bershka baggy pant
lahlahland bubble rucksack
juizy woozy sneakers